English Summary

Dansbana! is an organisation working to create public places for dance. Planned spaces for outdoor activities such as football fields or skateboard ramps are primarily used by boys, some up to 90 %. Girls are heavily underrepresented as users of public spaces and Dansbana! was created out of a desire to change that. All ages enjoy dancing but it is particularly popular among young women. Our vision was to create public dance places together with them.
Dansbana! was founded by the architects Anna Fridolin, Anna Pang and Teres Selberg in Stockholm, Sweden. Our background is in architecture, landscape architecture, city planning, dance, and teaching. The name comes from an old building type for dancing in Sweden, ‘dansbana’. They were important social spaces, especially for young people. Our ambition is to update the concept of the old public dance places, to allow for many kinds of dancers. We have developed hands-on methods to engage girls and local dance organisations in the planning and activation of each Dansbana! From these participatory processes we develop design proposals. For the physical realization and the maintenance we co-operate with municipalities. We also collaborate with other organizations and institutions.

So far we have designed/created three Dansbana!
Dansbana! Vårby gård, situated in Vårby gård, Huddinge municipality (southern Stockholm), Sweden, inaugurated in 2016.
Dansbana! ArkDes, located at Skeppsholmen, central Stockholm, part of the exhibition Public Luxury, opening June 2018.
Dansbana! Södertälje, located in central Södertälje, close to Södertälje kanal, opening August 2018.

Welcome to these dance floors!

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